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Why Diffrent Pieces Of Lingerie Are Considered More Sexy Than Others

If you were to ask 10 men what type of lingerie they preferred a woman to wear, you might get 10 different answers. Each man has their own idea of what lingerie makes a woman more sexually appealing. On the same token, women also have their own ideas but they choose their lingerie not necessarily for the sexiness of the garment but the ability to enhance those body parts that they view as needing a bit of help.

Take the corset as an example. A man may view a woman wearing a corset and be drawn to the tops of the breasts that spill over the cups along with the promising cleavage. He may also note the coke bottle shape the woman evidences when wearing it, the slim waist and flat stomach that look so natural. The woman who chose to wear this garment may have chosen it not only for its sexual appeal but to correct the flaws in her figure. Many women are not blessed with large full breasts. A corset pushes the breasts upward which give them a much fuller and rounder look. She may also not have a contoured waistline and the corset can correct this by cinching in the waist to give it that coke bottle effect. It also acts like a girdle and flattens what may be a protruding abdomen.

Garter belts are another item that can camouflage defects in a woman's leg. You might be wondering how this is possible since it is usually only an inch wide. The way this ever popular piece of lingerie does that is not by hiding the flaws but drawing the attention away from them. A lacy red garter belt or a black one that is studded with rhinestones is what calls the man's attention. He might become so entranced by the look of it and the thought of sliding it down a stockinged leg that he might no be so apt to notice the cellulite on the thigh of the woman who is wearing it. Some men love the look of them so much that they insist that it be left on during sex, which will further lessen a woman's chances for having to reveal a leg that is not exactly what the stocking and garter belt promised.

Babydoll sets also go along way in hiding flaws. They are cut low at the neckline so that the breasts are what's mainly in evidence. The rest of the top is loose, so attention is not given to what can be an expanded waistline. Since the top usually covers the hip and posterior of the woman, there's little need to worry about dimples that are cute when on a face but not very attractive on the lower parts of the body. They also come with a matching jacket that covers a variety of flaws such as a less than flat abdomen and flabby arms. A man's attention will be drawn by the beauty of the garment and the exposed cleavage and drawn away from those other areas that a woman does not want noticed.


How to Get Her Attention - How to Spark a Woman's Interest in You

One of the hardest things that you can do is to get a woman's attention. If you are out at a bar or a club and you spot a really attractive women, chances are pretty good that a dozen other guys will have their eyes on her as well. So, you are not the only one that will be trying to get her attention.

Before you decide to walk away and give up trying to get her to notice you, here are a few tips that will help you out.

1. Make your approach to her unique. Most guys are all going to try and use the same lines and the same approach, so just by being different, you will make yourself stand out. A lot of men really don't understand that to stand out in a woman's mind, you cannot do what every other guy is doing to get her attention.

2. Make eye contact, hold it, and then look away. This will intrigue her as most guys will not hold eye contact for that long and also by looking away, you seem less like you are hooked on just her. You send her the signal that she has to get your attention as well. The trick with this, is to look like you are kind of just scanning the crowd. Don't look away like a kid that got caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

3. Approach her with a smile. A simple smile can crack that resistance that women put on when they are out in a place they KNOW they are going to get hit on. Just make it simple and inviting and this should be enough to at least get a conversation going.

These are just some really basic tips to get her attention.


Horny Goat Weed Benefits: Proven Effective for 5 Health Conditions

Epimedium grandiflorum is known in so many other names including Rowdy Lamb Herb, Bishop's hat, Barrenswort, Fair Wings, Yin Yang Huo, but its most famous name is Horny Goat Weed. The name horny goat weed is known to many because as what the name implies, this herb has something to do with sexual appetite. Epimedium is an herb native to Asian countries like China and Korea. Although the herb is a newcomer in the herbal supplement market, horny goat weed benefits have been long known to Traditional Chinese Medicine. Modern studies revealed that there's actually truth to these claims and that there could be more horny goat weed benefits for human health.

1. Sexual health problems, especially in men. You've probably guessed that this is where horny goat weed is most commonly used based on its name. Horny goat weed supplements have been proven to improve Impotence, erectile dysfunction,low libido, and other sexual health problems due to decreased sexual energy. For this purpose, Horny goat weed supplements are considered as the safer and more effective alternative for the drug Viagra. According to clinical studies, both Viagra and horny goat weed are both PDE-5 inhibitors, only that Horny goat weed does not cause the harmful side effects of Viagra.

2. Low testosterone levels. Deficiency in this hormone is a serious problem in men because it causes low energy, easy fatigability, accumulation of more fats, and hair loss. Testosterone is the primary male hormone and horny goat weed shows ability to help boost testosterone levels to optimize men's health. Athletes and body builders use Horny goat weed supplements to boost energy levels to perform better during work out and intense physical training.

3. Cardiovascular diseases. When used together with other natural herbs like licorice, ginger, and butterbur, horny goat weed prevents hardening of the arteries, a condition known as atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis leads to more serious cardiovascular diseases hypertension, coronary artery disease, heart attack, and stroke.

4. Osteonecrosis. This is a bone condition where there is death of osteocytes (bone cells) because there is not enough blood supply to the bones. Studies on horny goat weed revealed that its flavonoids prevents the formation of blood clots and fat deposits, the most common obstruction to the bone's blood supply.

5. Inflammatory health conditions. One of the most effective healing powers of Horny goat weed is its anti-inflammatory effects. It has shown to help relieve the symptoms of a wide-range of inflammatory conditions like asthma, bronchitis, inflammatory bowel disease, and arthritis. Horny goat weed is also known to speed up healing of muscle soreness after extensive work outs.

Clearly, Horny goat weed is true to its name's promise. If you are suffering from any of these health conditions, it is still best to ask for your doctor's guidance before taking horny goat weed supplements.

Visit http://www.tasmanhealth.co.nz/ for details!


Sex Secret:: Must Know About It For Healthy Relationship

Here's a SEX SECRET that most men have no idea about:

Phone Sex is INCREDIBLY exciting for a woman
Unfortunately, most men are intimidated by it and have no idea how to give their women phone sex the right way.

You are about to discover "The Art Of Phone Sex" and how to use it to give your woman orgasms that blow her mind...

Before we get into how to use the phone for sex, let me just say that it is a wonderful option to use with your woman when you are away from each other for an extended period of time. When you know how to use it the right way, you'll be able to give your woman SEXUAL PLEASURE in a way that you will not believe until you try it.

To hear your woman SCREAM YOUR NAME down the phone as she has a powerful orgasm is surely one of the most rewarding experiences a man can ever have. Shame most men are too scared to give their women phone sex the right way.

I hope you are "man enough" to master the art of phone sex.

Let me start off by saying that most men have unrealistic expectations about phone sex. They expect their women to narrate fantasies to them and do 50% of the talking.

This is NOT going to happen.

That is the first rule of phone sex - you (as the man), must do 95% of the talking and you must lead your woman (just like you would in real life when you are in the same room as her). If you don't have the courage to do that, STOP reading right now.

Next, you must understand that whilst on the phone you only have one tool - YOUR VOICE.

You cannot touch, taste, smell or see your woman whilst on the phone. This means that you must talk almost non-stop. And aside from the initial few minutes where you are "setting the scene", your talk must be of the "dirty" kind.

Here is how to do PHONE SEX the right way:

1. Make sure you are somewhere quiet where you will not get disturbed.

2. Call your woman and establish whether or not the time is right for phone sex. Do not mention phone sex, simply ask her where she is and if she replies that she is at home (or in a hotel room) - the time is right.

3. Use this line to get things started because it works every time:

"Darling, I really miss you and if I was with you right now I'd hold you so close and gently kiss the side of your neck"

At this point your woman will softly sigh. They always do. Always.

4. Now it is your job to build things up. Keep it romantic for a while - tell her how you'd kiss her body all over and touch every inch of her skin.

5. Then, describe to her in detail how you'd give her oral sex or penetrative sex.

Do it with authority, confidence and believability and usually within 30 minutes you will have your woman SCREAMING down the phone as she has a powerful orgasm.

Yes, she will have rubbed her clitoris as you were talking her through the experience - but make no mistake about it, it will be your DIRTY TALK that has the most powerful effect on her and drives her to have an ORGASM.

Phone sex really is an underused sexual tool. Try it out with your woman and prepare to be amazed by how much she loves it.

One final thing to be aware of is that phone sex tends to work best when you are already giving your woman great sex when you are with her and she is used to you talking dirty to her.

To discover more about dirty talk, phone sex and everything you need to know to give any woman total sexual satisfaction, try this directory http://www.lovetalk.com


Safe And Natural Ways To Cure Low Sex Drive In Women

Have you ever felt a reduced sex drive? There have been many reports which have claimed that female libido is related to emotions and it is very difficult to pinpoint the source of female libido. A female's libido isn't only influenced by emotional factors. It is also influenced by certain physical factors. The good thing though is that there are many natural ways to cure low sex drive in women.

But before we discuss natural ways to cure low sex drive in women let us take a look at the causes. There are many different causes of low sex drive including depression, anxiety, ageing, stress, etc. Hormonal changes are also known to reduce female libido and this is even more evident during pregnancy, after pregnancy and in menopause. During these periods, many women experienced decreased desire for lovemaking. Also, when the level of estrogen reduces in a woman's body, it can cause dryness in the vaginal tissues and this makes lovemaking extremely undesirable and painful. This could lead to a reduced libido in women.

Now let us discuss the many natural ways to cure low sex drive in women. You could consider artificial supplements but the effects are not permanent and they have several side effects as well. But, natural ways to cure low sex drive in women are a lot better. So let's take a look at some of the many options available to women:

1. Pumpkin seeds and nuts - Pumpkin seeds as well as many different types of nuts are known to increase sexual libido in women.

2. Vitamin E - This vitamin is essential for the body and is also known to help increase female libido.

3. Garlic/onion - Pungent foods such as garlic and onion are known to increase libido in females.

4. Chives - Chives are also a part of the onion family & therefore are also known to help increase female libido.

5. Ginseng - Ginseng is a very common herb which is considered a sexual stimulant as well. It is also quite beneficial when it comes to the overall health in both men and women.

6. Damiana - This is quite a popular herb when it comes to increasing female libido.

Apart from this there are many herbal supplements like Kamni capsules which you can consider for increasing female libido. And the best part of these supplements is that they are 100 % natural and therefore safe to use. They also have no harmful side effects. All women need to do is take two capsules everyday for 2 to 3 months and the results will be evident.

It is also very important for women to ensure they maintain their overall health. When a women in obese, it is not uncommon for her to not be interested in lovemaking. In order for her to enjoy lovemaking it is important that a woman is fit and maintains her figure. This will make her feel confident about herself and this will lead to an increased libido.


Penis Rash Home Remedies

Skin issues are common throughout the year, and many men develop a penis rash no matter the season. Preventing a penis rash is essential for good penis care, but so is knowing appropriate remedies for when a rash does strike a man's favorite body part.

There are many treatment options available, and often the correct one will depend upon the cause of the rash. For example, sometimes the rash may be related to a yeast infection or to an STI and may require special care. However, for a common, everyday penis rash, the following are some remedies that a man might want to consider.

Oatmeal bath

Skin experts agree that there's just something about oatmeal that tends to produce a positive reaction from skin. Oatmeal has been recommended for skin issues going back at least as far as 2000 years BC. Why the benefit? Mainly because there are ingredients in oatmeal that have a proclivity for skin healing. For example, oatmeal contains polysaccharides, which create a thin layer of protection that discourages flakiness. It also contains saponins, which are helpful in cleaning out the pores and reducing consequent rashes. Adding finely ground oats to bathwater is one way to get this benefit to the penis rash; another option is to buy an oatmeal-based soap and wash with this.

Aloe vera

Ah, the soothing feel of aloe vera on sunburned skin is familiar relief for millions of people. But aloe vera does more than just make a sunburn feel better; it can also make a rash that burns feel more comfortable. Aloe possesses anti-inflammatory properties as well, and many rashes are accompanied by inflammation. However, some men with especially sensitive penis skin may find aloe to be a little strong and should avoid its use for the rash. It's also wise to avoid getting aloe too near the meatus, to avoid its slipping into the urethra.


Cucumbers are often used in women's beauty treatments. For example, tired, sore eyes are often treated by placing cool slices of cucumber over the eyelids. Cucumbers and the human body are reputed to possess a similar degree of hydrogen content; some specialists believe this may be responsible for the plant's ability to provide moisture to human skin. Well-moisturized skin helps to reduce rashes and itching. Using an actual cucumber for treating penis rash may be difficult, as it can be challenging to place slices on the member without them sliding off. However, it is possible to take several thin slices of cucumber, mix them with water and then mash them up into a paste and apply that to the skin for several minutes. Rinse with cool or warm water. (Hot water, in addition to being dangerous to the penis, can deplete the skin of natural oils which are necessary to maintain adequate dermatological hydration.)


These home-based remedies for penis rash are a good first step, but they may not do the trick alone, especially when the rash is persistent. A penis rash treatment plan should include the application of a first-class penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil). A truly effective crème will offer a combination if moisturizers, such as a high-end emollient (like Shea butter) and a natural hydrator (such as vitamin E). This combination is crucial to adequately hydrate the skin and soothe the rash. In addition, a potent antioxidant (such as alpha lipoic acid) is desirable, as this helps create a shield to lock the moisture in where it can do the most benefit. Often a penis rash is stubborn because it is being exacerbated by bacteria. For that reason, a crème that includes vitamin A, which has proven anti-bacterial properties, should be employed during the treatment process. Selecting one crème that provides all these resources is the best option.


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